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Building and mobile machinery, mining equipment, airport equipment, rail-based rolling stock, vessels and other special purpose vehicles are also eligible but they require tailor-made calculations which we can realise for you.

Warning: you cannot claim carbon credits for both the vehicle and the charger

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About us

Who we are

Zeroca is a joint venture of Rebel and Grütter Consulting. Our combined management team brings together many years of experience in carbon credit markets (CDM, VCM, Paris Art. 6 and others) and e-mobility development across sectors and geographies.

Jürg Grütter

Jürg Grütter

Jürg is the principal author of the main carbon credit methodologies for the transport sector and the project developer of the first registered carbon credit project for mobility (as early as 1997). He has developed more than 50 carbon credit transport projects including more than 300 companies under all major international and national carbon standards in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. He has secured approval from the Green Climate Fund for their first project in the transport sector (BRT Karachi), developed e-mobility funds totalling USD 3 billion and electric vehicle projects and strategies in more than 30 countries worldwide.
Guillaume Remy

Guillaume Remy

Guillaume has a background in banking and finance with experience at both large commercial banks and development finance institutions. He specialises in the structuring of financing arrangements for transport infrastructure and rolling stock, including public transportation and e-mobility assets (buses, rail and micro-mobility) as well as ports, airports, logistics and mining-related infrastructure and equipment.
Susana Ricaurte

Susana Ricaurte

Susana has extensive experience in the development of project design documents and the evaluation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission for transport projects (cable cars, BRT, LRT, MRT) which includes monitoring, reporting and verification systems for GHG mitigation actions. She participated in the structuring of more than 20 transport projects submitted and approved by different carbon standards. She has also been team leader for electromobility programs (e-buses, e-taxis, e-cargo, e-LCV) in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Koen van Baekel

Koen van Baekel

Koen has many years of experience advising on financing and strategy in traditional transport and infrastructure sectors, e-mobility projects and programs as well as a range of transit, logistics and people mover innovations. From high-speed rail, MRT and LRT, BRT and regular bus systems, EV and charging networks to Hyperloop development, autonomous people movers and logistics systems.

Our values

We strive for reduction of carbon emissions from mobility systems globally, through unlocking the full potential of international carbon credit markets.


Our projects and programs are of high-quality, developing and applying the best methodological standards.


We pursue only those emission reduction offsets which represent real and unique impact.


We account for projects and program inputs, method and outcomes to our partners, buyers and stakeholders more broadly.


We assure the highest degree of reliability through year-on-year verification of actual achieved emission reductions from projects and programs.

Value creation

Through applying only the highest possible standard in the compliance market in particular, as described above, we create best possible value for our partners.