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Building and mobile machinery, mining equipment, airport equipment, rail-based rolling stock, vessels and other special purpose vehicles are also eligible but they require tailor-made calculations which we can realise for you.

Warning: you cannot claim carbon credits for both the vehicle and the charger

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E-mobility carbon credit projects and programs

We help develop carbon credit projects especially in compliance markets – achieving scale and efficiency from program aggregation, without cost and risk to participants

Zeroca works with e-mobility asset managers and owners such as:

  • Fleet operators (e.g. buses, trucks, taxis, delivery vehicles, mining equipment, industrial logistics, port and airport people and goods movers, etc.);
  • Charge point owners and operators (CPOs);
  • Electric vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), importers and dealerships; and/or
  • Fleet leasing companies and owners of fleet assets (e.g. buses, trucks, etc.) lent to operators.

We focus on the compliance markets, especially on those taking shape under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. In this framework we aggregate multiple carbon credit projects related to emission reductions from e-mobility development into country programs.

We absorb the related costs and risks so that participating partners can focus on their core business: creating real impact from successful e-mobility transition efforts!

Carbon credit opportunities for the rail sector

Joint guidance paper by Zeroca and UIC

Zeroca and UIC have jointly produced a guidance paper that sets out the mechanisms and opportunities presented by carbon credits for railways around the world.

News higlight: Nigeria

SAGLEV and Zeroca announce partnership for an e-mobility carbon credit program in Nigeria

Zeroca is happy and honoured to announce a new partnership with SAGLEV to develop a national carbon credit aggregator program for e-mobility in Nigeria. Open to all e-mobility players, the program aims to harness the potential of carbon finance to incentivize emission reductions across various sectors, including electric vehicles (EVs), charging infrastructure, public transport, and logistics.

By combining Zeroca’s specialized expertise in e-mobility carbon credits with SAGLEV’s extensive experience in the mobility and transport sectors in Nigeria, we aim to create significant impact and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

May 2024

News highlight: Nepal

Zeroca and thee GO launch exclusive partnership for aggregating e-mobility carbon credits in Nepal

Zeroca and thee GO have announced their exclusive partnership to develop a groundbreaking carbon credit aggregator program aimed at accelerating electric vehicle mobility in Nepal.

This innovative program will leverage carbon finance to support the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and enhance the sustainability of public transport systems across the country. The initiative is designed to be open, inviting all Nepalese e-mobility pioneers to participate and benefit from carbon credit aggregation.

May 2024

News highlight: South Africa

Zeroca and flxEV launch first-of-its-kind e-mobility carbon credit program to accelerate South Africa’s e-mobility transition

We are proud to announce our partnership with flxEV to launch South Africa’s first e-mobility carbon credit aggregator program!

In this first-of-its-kind program on the African continent, companies operating in the electric mobility sector (ranging from micro-mobility and last-mile delivery services to heavy-good transportation and the mining industry, as well as charge point operators) can monetise the emission reductions generated through their activities by joining the program, which is entirely free of charge for participants.

The collaboration aims to create a ripple effect across the industry, demonstrating that environmental stewardship and business success can go hand-in-hand. flx EV and Zeroca extend an open invitation to all companies within the South African EV sector to join this transformative movement.

March 2024

Our Experience

CDM credits for TransMilenio (first registered CDM transport project worldwide)

CDM credits for Tunis LRT

VCS credits for low-carbon trucks (first registered VCS transport project worldwide)

Nationally regulated credits for low-carbon building machines (over 50 participating entities)

ITMOs for electric buses, cars, trucks, vessels, charging infrastructure and solar PV electric generation for chargers (first ITMO aggregator program for e-mobility worldwide)